How to Hold a Memorial Service



The traditional liturgical service for the dead is called a memorial service. Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine Catholic churches hold a memorial services for the departed. Western churches hold a similar service. For more information, see a sample memorial service below. Alternatively, you can also opt for a cremation or burial. While the rites of a memorial service may vary depending on religion, these two options are generally the most common.

During the wake, also known as a visitation or viewing, friends and family pay respects to the departed and share their memories. Depending on your religious beliefs, this visitation may take place at a time other than the actual funeral. In the wake, you may also choose to display personal items, such as photographs, or arrange for flowers to pay homage to the deceased. The wake itself lasts a few hours, and you may also want to have the family provide personalization items and flowers.

Another way to remember your loved one is to display their favorite picturesand also Obituaries. If your loved one loved to travel, consider holding a memorial service on a cruise ship or yacht. The ship or yacht may be large enough for the guests to attend. You may even want to consider allowing the ashes to be scattered on the water. A memorial service on a boat may also be a good opportunity to spread their ashes. This is a fun way to honor your loved one.

In addition to flowers, memorial services can include ceremonial acts, including the scattering of ashes. You can also include a reading of your loved one's life story or a prayer. If you'd prefer to hold the service in an unusual location, you can also consider a paddle out, a beautiful ceremony held on the water where the ashes are scattered. Guests who attend a paddle out can also write a note for the departed.

While Burial tend to be more formal and more spiritual, memorial services are focused more on the life and legacy of the departed. Depending on the culture and religion of the deceased, a memorial service can differ dramatically from a traditional funeral. If your loved one was religious, you should consider the details of their beliefs before choosing a memorial service. Some memorial services even end with a release, such as a dove or a butterfly. Regardless of the setting, a memorial service will be meaningful and will give those who attend its closure.

Planning a memorial service can be a difficult process. Remember that your loved one's interests, hobbies, religious affiliations, and professional experiences will provide an excellent starting point. Think about the things they enjoyed together and include these details in the memorial service. Remember that a memorial service is just the beginning of the healing process. If you're looking for ideas for a meaningful ceremony, you can use the following tips to help make it a memorable and meaningful experience. Check out this related post to get more enlightened on the topic:


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